What’s It Take?

(Robert Palmer)

You’re lonely, can I see you
I hire a private red-eye rocket
But when I walk in here
You wanna go through all my pockets
What’s it take?
Momma what’s it take?
I’ve known you all these years
And still you overhaul my letters
They don’t confirm your fears
But when I’m dead you’ll know me better
My mistake was thinking I had it covered
I haven’t made the first move
What’s it take to get it through to you momma?
What does it take to love you?
I take you out to dinner
You ask me why I’m acting guilty
I thought I’d backed a winner
This love affair is gonna kill me
You say you’re only teasing
I wanna try a new position
You wanna know the reason
I’ve got a Spanish inquisition
I wanna hear the gossip
You say I lack a real ambition
I ask you if you’ve got it
You document my inhibitions