Big Trouble

Don’t move.

Just one false move and you’re dead meat
You know you’re running out of luck
You won’t admit it when you’re beat
You see me comin’, better duck

Big trouble, I’ll lay you to waste
Big trouble, gonna pick a bone with you
Big trouble, gonna drop the bomb, baby
Big trouble, runnin’ out of patience
Big trouble, eat away at your nervous system

You know I’ve got you in my sights
Saw your emotions run amok
Had an anxiety attack
You were surprised when panic struck

No ammunition
A war of nerves
I’ll steal your thunder

War of attrition
Watch you submerge
You’re goin’ under

You need it
You lose it
You love it
You gotta have it

I’m gonna find your breaking point
You like to practice self-deceit
I’ll knock your nose right out of joint
The demolition of your whole world
War of attrition

Big trouble, this is the right place
Big trouble, come on, do your worst
Big trouble, rub me up the wrong way
Big trouble, punch a hole in your argument

I see you’re spoiling for a fight
I’ll pick you off and rub you out
All your big talk is obsolete
No one to hear you scream and shout

I’ll give you fire
A war of nerves
War of attrition

The demolition
Of your whole world
I’ll steal your thunder