She Can Rock It

She got goose-egg power-chords
And a nasty 2 and 4
She can rock it
She can tap in 32
She can show you her tattoo
She can rock it

What good’s a rock without a roll
It’s a sorry lookin’ donut if it doesn’t have a hole
She gets so hot she’s infra-red
She can show you a position that’s prohibited

She’s got kisses like cocaine
She’s got access to a plane
She can rock it
Check out her anatomy
In her trashy lingerie
She can rock it

She’s got an axe she’s got a rig
You know she’ll never miss a beat
And she ain’t never missed a gig
She’ll pin you down she’ll knock you out
She can wrestle with your ego
Til your pride goes out

She can rock it

She’s a shake that comes with fries
Never listens to your lies
She can rock it
She can set your pants on fire
She can strip you to the wire
She can rock it

She can nail you to a frame
Say that you’re the one to blame
She can rock it
She can tell you what to wear
She can strip your conscience bare
She can rock it