LIve From The Roxy


Wednesday 23rd. June 1976


We will be streaming a rare or tasty track each month

for your entertainment.


The first one is a medley of "Spanish Moon" /"This is a Fine Time" live from the Legendary residency at the Roxy in West Hollywood in 1976.

A Fan writes:

"I saw Mr. Palmer at The Roxy in West Hollywood on the Tour for this album. Robert played 3 nights, 2 shows a night, I remember after meeting him that he told me "The record company is recording these shows for my next album". Anyway.. back to the show. Robert started the show with "Work To Make It Work", the band was well rehearsed and he had 2 Female backup singers. I was a kid, and wanting to witness "history", I saw all 3 nights and the shows got better as I got to know the set list. He did most of Pressure Drop, and assorted songs fron "Sneakin 'Sally". When we talked after the 1st night, Robert said "he was excited to be releasing a live album". I told him "I'll be the 1st person to buy it when it comes out". He was impressed with this 14 year old Fan from Los Angeles. The next release from Robert was a studio album, and I was Bummed Out. But I'll never forget Robert, lookin' oh so sharp, Crooning 'Back In my Arms", the girls were swooning. The Creole tunes like "Here With You Tonight" had a swinging bouncy feel live. Boy, Folks.. This was an unforgettable evening. I miss Robert, I saw him at House of Blues while he was on tour for his last CD. The guy was a pro. Pressure Drop is a must have CD. Gotta love this man, and his music. "